What We Do...

Remedial Massage:     Specific Treatment for your muscle and joint pain, or conditions.

Stress Relief Massage:    A 30 or 60 minute escape from the everyday.

*Hot Stone Massage:    Be gently massaged with hot (but not too hot) volcanic stones.  The stones add an Earth element to the massage which is very grounding, and the heat seems to melt away muscle tension.

An hour and a half (90 mins) of beautiful pampering and therapeutic treatment.

*Indian (Ayurvedic) Head Massage:    Clothed, seated massage to the upper back, arms, neck, scalp and face.  Can be beneficial in reducing tension headaches, sinus congestion and a joy for those who think the shampooing massage at the salon is the best part.  Bring a comb or brush.

Approx 35-45 mins.

*Aromatherapy Massage:   Custom Aromatherapy Massage involves consultation with the therapist to create an Essential Oil blend just for you, based on your needs for that day.  We then proceed with a beautifully scented massage. One hour and 15 mins (75 mins).

Massage Therapy Services:       


30 min massage treatment     $45 

45 min massage treatment     $60        

60 min massage treatment     $75

75 min massage treatment      $90

90 min massage treatment    $105

*Hot Stone Massage (90 min treatment)  $130

*Indian (Ayurvedic) Head Massage   $55

*Custom Aromatherapy Massage (75 mins)  $100